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Marilyn Price, BFA, is an internationally recognized storyteller, puppeteer, educator, author and a frequent keynote speaker at educational conferences and seminars. A specialist in creativity training, storytelling and listening skills, she uses the arts as her vehicle in reaching multiple learners both for the educators and in direct service with the classrooms she visits.


Her published works include books on puppetry, original stories as well as a primer using puppets to teach the Hebrew alphabet. Her latest book co-authored with Rabbi David Teutsch, Gratitude and Blessings, uses original stories with traditional Jewish blessings. Of her many accomplishments she prizes her work as the puppeteer for the Chicago Public Library system and as the recipient of the Mayor’s Award for the Arts in her hometown of Evanston, Illinois.  

TriBraining, Inc.

teaching to reach different learners and learning styles

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